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Why don’t they make all those people sitting in prisons being supported by tax money work the jobs nobody can afford to hire people for or nobody wants to do.

Make the prisoners earn their keep by working hard labor in factories. Keep tabs on how much they would earn IF they were actually getting paid for it.

The money left over from paying their “bills” would turn around and go for public use such as disaster relief, road construction, and paying for community college tuition for students.

Then, people could go to community colleges for free and learn 2 year trade courses and become better equipped to support themselves.

Instead of having taxes on the income, only keep the taxes on the property and non-essentials like entertainment and eating out. Food and some clothing should not be taxed, nor should the wages of folks.

Now those on welfare, or disability should also be looked at. Instead of giving them free handouts, make them work for what they get. There are plenty of work-at-home jobs which are now being served by foreign countries.

Take those jobs and take the people on welfare and food stamps and make them work those jobs. Train them if need be, but don’t give them money for free. Unless somebody is bedridden, they can earn some sort of income.

Next, take all the kids in the Juvenile system and allow them to start apprentice-ships with small companies. Let them earn their keep too. The money they would have “earned” at the company pays for their needs and the rest gets put into a trust fund for furthering their education and supporting them the first years of their adulthood. Managed by someone, of course, so they can’t spend it on illegal activities.

Now, let’s not leave out those immigrants. Let them all come here for free on work passes. Don’t make them come here illegally. Let them work as maids and servants to the rich. Paid of course.

And let the others continue to work in the field labor jobs which Americans refuse to stoop to do. Let them be the clean up crew for disasters and roadways. Pay them the going minimum wage. Let each one make up to a certain amount of money and then they have to pay to move their families here and pay for schooling. Don’t make those optional.

Make it mandatory for them to be in the education system for a minimum of 5 years or something. ALL OF THEM. Doesn’t matter what country they come from. They have to work minimum wage and they have to go to school AND pay for it out of their pockets for a minimum of the first 5 or 10 years of their living here. If they want more, they have to apply for citizen ship and to get that, they have to pay for college and attend.

Only those with a college degree should be given citizenship and higher paying jobs. Take those who do not have educations already in this country or born in this country and use the economic stimulus payments to send them to a 2 year college course and make them into contributing members of society.

Anybody Not mentally retarded or bedridden who does not have a job and refuses to get one should be deported or sent to some sort of penal system.

Then, all of these credit card companies out there and other loan companies should be forced to employ those who are indebted to them. Allow those who are unemployed to work off their debts to these companies.

All pharmaceuticals should be free and paid for by the government. Make the government pay for classes for those who “must” take the drugs to be educated on what they are being prescribed BEFORE they are allowed to take it. One day classes should be held. This would reduce the pharmaceutical companies form being drug lords and turn them back into the community service groups they should be in the first place.

Did I leave anyone out?

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Who Is Amie?

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